On a hazy monday back in January 2018, Julius suddenly got a specific need to form a rock band, so he decided to ask his friends Matti and Johnny, who both also lived in Rovaniemi, if they would like to play with him. Both of them accepted the request, and after couple of rehealsals with Johnny (unfortunately) behind the drumkit, their old friends, bassist Joonas and drummer Atte, was added into the group, and Johnny got to hop in the guitar duties.

The first and only I Am Your God line-up ever was ready, and slowly but surely the magic started to happen. Only a few cover-playing nights at the rehearsal place, and the very first IAYG song started to get it's form. Lots of playing and fun drunken metal moments together led the boys to write more tunes and find their own style and sound. With their solid melodic metal music with heavy influences from traditional Finnish and Scandinavian heavy metal bands, yet modern touch to everything, they convinced a lot of metal fans and professionals all over Europe with their first ever released songs (f. ex. "Betrayal" and "Flowers on Your Grave").

In early 2020's when the boyz got their first gigs and releases under the belt, the German label Out of Line Music found them via Spotify playlists and the contract got the names on it in a second - the debut album "The Resurrection" saw the daylight in October 2020 with grateful response.

Now in autumn of 2022, IAYG has played multiple gigs in Northern Finland, including some summer festivals and of course smaller club and pub gigs. A lot is more to come, since they are finishing their sophomore album (already two singles released, "My Venom" & "Dead Standing Tree") which will be released in the spring of 2023 among a club tour in Finland (more gigs TBA).

Feel absolutely free to join the journey.



Joonas R
Joonas E